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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mini-Market Garden

Here are the Game Master's designer notes for the upcoming game: "Due to the constraints of time and table space at the upcoming convention (a year away is not an eternity to prepare) we at HMGS-PSW, have dubbed this game "Mini-Market Garden." This allows for some poetic license and spares the pocketbook. After all, it is really an attempt to capture the essence of an operation that is doomed to fail for a myriad of reasons, yet is so tempting to attempt. So cut us some slack if we don't represent every span across a ditch, canal or marsh - we will endeavor to seize the spirit of the campaign and put as many little leads fellows in action as we can muster." A table layout of the battle space is soon to follow.

So, Market Garden 2017 will have to be adapted to the realities of time and space and a convention setting. However, this will be a BIG game! Here are some shots of XXX Corps placed on an 18 foot table. There will be at least 3 or 4 tables illustrating the scope of the battle for a Bridge Too Far.

Meanwhile the work of assembling and detailing the forces continues. The Irish Guards have just been issued with their unit patches.

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  1. Excellent. 270 sq.ft. of playing space is going to take some work to fill.