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Friday, December 2, 2016

Guards Armoured Division Order of Battle

Guards Armoured Division Order of Battle 17–25 September 1944

XXX Corps is beginning to take shape. Some models need painting or converting, some have yet to arrive. However the scale of the enterprise will become clear from these early pictures. I have tried to tie the images to the historical OOB.

Lt. Col J.D.Hornung

AA&QMG: Lt-Col. W. M. Sale
ADMS: Col. B. J. Daunt
CRASC: Lt-Col. A. K. Woods
ADOS: Lt-Col. F. B. H. Villiers
CREME: L. H. Atkinson

5th Guards Armoured Brigade 
Brigadier N.W. Gwatkin
Irish Guards Battlegroup

2nd (Armoured) Battalion Irish Guards
Lt Col. G.A.M. Vandeleur

3rd Battalion, Irish Guards
Lt Col. J.O.E. Vandeleur

 Grenadier Guards Battlegroup

2nd (Armoured) Battalion Grenadier Guards
Lt Col. J.N.R. Moore

1st (Motor) Battalion Grenadier Guards
Lt. Col. E.H Goulburn

21st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
(Achilles self propelled tank destroyers)

32nd Guards Brigade
Brigadier G.F Johnson
Coldstream Guards Battlegroup

 1st (Armoured) Battalion Coldstream Guards
Lt. Col. R.F.S. Gooch

5th Battalion Coldstream Guards 
Lt. Col.E.R. Hill

21st Anti Tank Regiment Royal Artillery
M10 self propelled tank destroyers

Welsh Guards Battlegroup

2nd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion Welsh Guards 
Lt. Col. J.C. Windsor-Lewis

1st Battalion Welsh Guards 
Lt. Col. J.F Gresham

153rd Field Regiment Royal Artillery 
Lt. Col. J.S. Atkins
(Sexton sp 25 pdr field guns)

55th (Wessex) Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Lt. Col. B. Wilson
(25 pdr field guns)

94th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery 
(Bofors AA guns)

Other Divisional Units

Household Cavalry Regiment
Lt. Col. H. Abel Smith

Royal Engineers
Lt-Col. C. P. Jones

14th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers 

615th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers

148th Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers

11th Bridging Troop, Royal Engineers

 (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 


Guards Armoured Division Signals, Royal Corps of Signals

Logistics Support

5th Guards Brigade Workshop REME

32nd Guards Brigade Workshop, REME

224th Infantry Brigade Workshop, RASC

310th Armoured Brigade Company, RASC

535th Transport Company, RASC


  1. Whoa -- were there really 2 Vandeleur brothers, EACH a Lt. Col. commanding a Battalion of the Irish Guards?!?!?!

  2. John Ormsby Evelyn 'JOE' Vandeleur, 3rd Battalion Irish Guards and Giles Alexander Meysey Vandeleur, 2nd Armoured Battalion Irish Guards, were second cousins (their grandfathers were brothers).

  3. Ahhhh... hadn't thought of cousins. Still remarkable, but not as outlandishly so!